What will the weather be today? Our morning weather routine


by:Deborah J. Stewart

preschoool“With so many different kinds of weather since the start of our school year, we have been able to really take notice of the weather changes as we ask (sing) the question “What will the weather be today?”…

During our morning circle, we take a few minutes everyday to talk about the weather. One child is chosen to be the weather helper and begins by looking outside so to tell us what he or she thinks the weather seems to be that day…

Usually, the child chooses two words such as sunny and warm. One word that describes how the weather feels (temperature) and one word to tell us what they see (a weather symbol such as a sunshine, clouds etc….)

As the weather person is deciding, the entire class generally is also shouting out their own ideas of what the weather is so there is quite a bit of negotiating going on in the process by the entire class…

Once the weather person has decided on what the weather will be, then the teacher writes the weather words on a blank square of paper and the child draws a weather symbol to represent the weather that day. Last year, I used pre-made weather symbols but this year, I decided to have the children draw their own weather symbols and they do a remarkable job. All the children (ages three to five) figure out a way to somehow express what the weather is like in their simple drawings…”To read further please click below:


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