We Asked Whether Schools Should Stop Teaching With Paper and Pens. And the Reaction Was Fiery.

By:Laura Entis

Classroom-old-2-548x345“Earlier this week, on the heels of a Microsoft executive calling for classrooms to update their tools and transition from teaching with pens and paper to newer technologies, we posed this question to our readers on Facebook: Do pens and paper still have a place in the modern classroom?

The responses flooded in. To date, we’ve received nearly 400 comments on Facebook alone, many of them both passionate and articulate.

Here, we’ve rounded up a few popular reactions.
Many of you highlighted the important differences between the act of handwriting and the act of typing
“Writing (esp. in cursive!) triggers creativity in a way that tapping/clicking just can’t.”

“Writing things down improves ones retention. Technology is important, but having a great memory trumps being technologically savvy.”

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“Pressing a key isn’t the same as the tactile experience of writing the letter. Using different mediums such as chalk, pencil, markers, crayons, etc. reinforces the forms, stimulates the brain in different ways, and most importantly, it helps develop fine motor skills.”
There were also some concerns that technology is too unreliable/too complicated to replace pens and paper entirely.”

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