Using Old Tech (Not Edtech) to Teach Thinking Skills

By: Raleigh Werberger

werberger-using-old-tech-to-teach“I’ve been trying to use Google Docs to good effect in my ninth grade history classroom. It’s a critical tool in that it lets me see the students puzzle out answers to their questions (especially with a heavy reliance of the “see revisions” function).

I’ve viewed classroom technology as the means to sharing knowledge, in addition to acquiring or manipulating it. Yet I find that not only has the computer itself become something of a distraction, but the students aren’t making enough use of the tech’s “share-ability” — that is, they struggle to work effectively together on it, and to have their ideas cohere in an intelligible way. It occurred to me that co-editing in a Google Doc is a skill that itself needs to be taught and practiced before it can become effective in the classroom.

I also started thinking that perhaps one fault of technology is that it brings the world to the student, rather than spurring the student to get up out the chair and go find it. I have noticed personalities in the class that like to work standing up, or who find reasons to walk around while thinking. Could there be a way to restore a kinesthetic element that had begun to disappear from the room with my reliance on web tools?”To read further please click here:

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