Using Google Classroom with an LMS

By: Alice Keeler

google classrooms“Google Classroom is a great companion for classes that are using an LMS. Examples of popular LMS’s: Schoology, Edmodo, Haiku, Canvas, Moodle or Blackboard. Google Classroom and your LMS are not mutually exclusive. There are great reasons to use both.

A Different Role

When teachers use Google Classroom and an LMS, Google Classroom takes on a different role. Rather than using Google Classroom as the place to list assignment directions and announcements, the LMS is used for this. The LMS is used to organize the class, make announcements, have discussions, embed videos, design lessons, etc… Students start with the LMS and work within the LMS.

Google Drive Management

The role Google Classroom takes on is Google Drive Management. Google Classroom solves the problem of sharing permissions for documents and makes the interaction of Google Docs between teacher and student significantly easier.Anything in the class that involves distributing and collecting Google Docs goes through Google Classroom.” To read further please click here:

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