Using flipped learning to boost engagement

By:Laura Devaney

flipping“I believe we need to move from the teacher-centered classroom and move to classrooms that are project-based and inquiry-driven,” Bergmann said.Educators can think of flipped learning as a reevaluation of Bloom’s Taxonomy in which the focus lies more on creating, evaluating, and analyzing.“You, as a teacher, get the attention away from yourself and away from content delivery—you leverage technology of a teacher-created video to deliver content,” Sams said.Top educator concerns about moving to flipped learning are so common that Bergmann and Sams created the Four Ts to help educators realize that a flipped classroom can become a reality.

Thinking: Flip teachers’ thinking and help them re-imagine what the classroom looks like, Bergmann said. It’s not about content dissemination—it’s about deeper thinking.” To read further please click here:

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