Using cell phones in the classroom when computers are not available

By: Fabiana Casella

cell phones“Everybody is talking about 21st Century skills and preparing students for a whole different world. The truth is that our students have become digital and there are a whole lot of educators around the world who are still “analog”. That is why I would like to share my work with my two secondary school groups with as many teachers as possible. Internet and Technology in the Classroom have made a huge change in my daily teaching experience.

My story starts right after my first online presentation for The Future of Education Reform Symposium 2013, (RSCON4) where I was kindly invited to participate by Shelly Sanchez Terrell. Some hours later, I got a message from Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto, who asked me if I would like to write for this High Tech Ideas in the Low Tech Classroom section in Teaching Village. I was flattered, and accepted immediately, but it really took me quite a long time to put ideas together and I thank my dear friend, Rose Bard, for giving me some support.

We do not have computers or tablets in the classroom, only computer labs which are used for computing classes mainly. So when I wanted to integrate technology in my classes, I decided to ask my lovely students and parents as well as administrators, if they would agree with the use of cell phones or Smartphones during the English classes. The answer was an enthusiastic “YES!! Why not? Absolutely!” They were all very supportive.” To read further please click below:

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