Using Aurasma to Bring Static Classrooms to Life

By: Nick Graham

aurasma“Aurasma is one of those special tools that just blows students, teachers and parents away. Taking advantage of one of the most magical advances in mobile technology, Augmented Reality, Aurasma allows you to link video, audio and amazingly realistic 3D imagery to everyday objects in your classroom. This app is one you just have to try to see its enormous potential for learning!

In Practice

1. Have some fun

First things first. Take some time to have a play with Aurasma. Whether you want to explore it yourself or let your students have free rein, there is a huge collection of pre-made Auras (Aurasma’s name for each Augmented Reality set piece) to start getting inspired by.

2. Add multimedia to traditional material

This idea from educator Paul Hamilton shows how Aurasma can be used to add additional information for students to static material. Try using video content you have available or that you may have created, and integrate it into printed or digital material for students. Not only is this an engaging and refreshing way for students to learn additional material, the blended learning experience may also be the spark some students need to get involved.”To read further please click here:

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