Turn on new learning initiatives with PowerPoint

By: Toby Trewin

powerpoint“Whilst PowerPoint is often typecast as a just a presentation tool, there are a number of effective uses of this application to create innovative initiatives with your students in the classroom. With a short learning curve to use the program or often previous experience and skills in using the popular application, PowerPoint becomes the logical choice for a number of new tasks. Below are a few ideas to get you thinking outside the ‘Presentation Box’.
Recently when researching a number of possible solutions for a teacher wanting to create infographicswithin her course, I found numerous online creation options. These 3rd party online infographic options were found to be reasonably easy to use but there were cost implications and limited design options that produced a good infographics that were unfortunately quite generic and the process stifled the creativity of the students. Instead we utilised PowerPoint, which when coupled with the fundamental elements of an infographic (contrast, hierarchy, accuracy, relevance, truth), produced impressive results that allowed the students the freedom of a blank canvas to create and an opportunity to utilise their experience and skills to produce clear and well-designed infographics.” To read further please click here:  http://blogs.msdn.com/b/austeachers/archive/2015/01/12/turn-on-new-initiatives-with-powerpoint.aspx

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