Top Tips For Leading Technology Change In Schools

By: Daniel Edwards

tech friendly class“Without effective training and support, any teacher will struggle to progress alongside all the other school commitments they have. A full training programme requires detailed planning and significant free capacity, at least a 0.5 FTE timetable devoted to this. This is because the training, coaching and in-class support needed should be spread out over months, a regular drip-drip of help, advice and skills input rather than a couple of intensive days’ training and it should be available ‘on demand’, not at fixed times.The school’s early adopters should become part of the training programme and if at all possible every department should have a technology champion so staff have regular access to support. These champions can lighten the load for anyDirector of Technology and can be more effective, as their context is so similar to the people they’re helping.

One of the challenges is understanding the actual training needs of your colleagues. Some may present as vaguely competent and actually have very little idea of how to use devices to support learning, and equally some may hide under a bushel a deep and valuable understanding and set of of skills. Unless your staff is small and stable, it’s likely that you won’t have the in-depth knowledge you need to design a training programme that meets everyone’s needs. For this, aTraining Needs Analysis (TNA) tool is required. Appendix O, happily for you, is a good example of one. It serves a number of purposes:” To read further please click here:

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