Tools to enhance learning

AAAAAAAA“My keynote presentation at TeachMeet Soton last night included a whole host of different tools to enhance learning. The tools fell in to two categories. Those that were web based which can be accessed using browsers and those that are iPad App based. There were a few Apps that I didn’t get to show due to time but I’ve included those in this post for you to have a look at too.Web 2.0 Tools
Socrative – awesome AfL / questioning tool
Isle of tune – great fun whilst being creative and teaching logic skills
Instagrok – a great way to search, particularly for research
Visuwords – a visual dictionary
Audioboo – great place/way to share podcasts for your own school radio station
Quietube – remove everything from YouTube except for the video to make a nice clean viewing experience
Again but slower – Wikipedia for those with literacy and learning difficulties
Tagxedo – for brilliant automatically shaped word clouds”
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