Think Before You Flip Your Classroom This Year

By: Steven Anderson

flipped learn“For a while now I’ve been saying something provocative about Flipped Learning.
“It’s the worst idea in the history of teaching.”
I own that.
I’ve said it.
I say it that way to get educators attention. Because I like to have a conversation about it. While I am not going to walk that statement back like a disgraced politician I am going to do a little explaining (finally) why we need to think before we “flip” learnin.First a little knowledge leveling.

When I am talking about Flipped Learning in this post I am referring to the method by which teachers create videos (or find other videos online) and assign students to watch them at home, thereby freeing up time in the classroom to go deeper with the content because the students have the content knowledge from the videos. I am sure there are multiple different variations of Flipped Learning but for this post, this is the definition I am working off of.  It’s an idea thats been around for a while and some teachers have said they’ve found success with it” . To read further please click here:

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