The Ultimate Lesson Planning Tool


lessons“As many of you will know, every aspect of my teaching is completed in some form of digital manner. This includes everything from attendance and assessment,  to resource creation and collaboration. However until recently there was one aspect of my teaching, that I still used paper for and regardless of the systems I trailed, nothing could sway me over to making the jump.

What was I refusing to do electronically?…..Well the answer might surprise you…… It was…… Lesson Planning.

Now the reason behind my refusal to switch, was purely based on my belief that there simply wasn’t a tool out there for me that included the features I needed.  So after literally two years of planning, thinking, testing and consulting with other teachers I have finished work on an app that Im safe to say has resulted in me moving to a pure paperless existence has just been released.

Introducing Easy Planner

After two years of planing and development, my award winning Easy Planner app has finally been released. Essentially Easy Planner is a powerful lesson planning tool for the modern day teacher. Designed to work on ANY device with an internet connection. Plan all of your classes with ease with an intuitive interface designed to make lesson planning quick and efficient. Its also FREE.” To read further please click here:

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