The Scoop on Periscope: Broadcast Live Video to the World

By:Tony Vincent

vldeo in education“I find myself explaining Periscope and how I use it a lot lately. Educators are eager to live broadcast to connect to each other and maybe use it in their classrooms. So, what better way to explain my take on this new video streaming service than in an infographic? See below for what I’ve come up with. I’ve included an overview of Periscope, some of its limitations, and my top tips.

Click to download a PDF version that is easier to read and has clickable hyperlinks. Alternatively, you canclick to view in Google Drawings where you can download in various formats.

Since Periscope broadcasts are only available for replay online for 24 hours, I archive most of my broadcasts on YouTube in my Periscope Broadcasts playlist. You can get a feel for what I broadcast by watching the archives. I really wish the archived videos had comments and hearts because those are two things that really make Periscope broadcasts special.

You’ll notice the I use a microphone in many of my broadcasts. A handheld microphone is great because it reduces background noise in loud rooms and allows me to pan the camera without affecting the volume of my broadcast. I’m really liking the microphone I currently use with my iPhone. It’s an iRig Mic HD, and it’s $89 on Amazon (affiliate link).” To read further please click here:

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