The Power of Edmodo and Small Groups

By: Bobby Brian Lewis
edmodo_logo-13tlarn“Just one student can change your life. One visually-impaired student and Edmodo changed my teaching. I have been using Edmodo for several years, but not until this year did I realize its power. Why did I choose Edmodo for my class and Armondo? It’s a safe learning platform, allows for the integration of  multimedia tools, is great for differentiated instruction, and acts as a one stop shop for my classes.

Armondo is a visually-impaired student that is very independent. I gave Armondo the Group Code for my Group (6th grade computers) on Edmodo. He logged on with the help of his aid. I soon realized that I would have to change the way that I was teaching. Armondo was logged in, but I realized that most of the assignments I posted on Edmodo were visual lessons with visual clues. Edmodo would be the glue that would link us together.” To read further please click here:

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