The Difference Between Skilled Learners and Good Students

By: Saga Briggs

homework22“The skilled learners of the world don’t always excel in their studies. And I don’t mean Gates and Einstein. I’m talking about the huge number of people who are passionate about knowledge, who have a real knack for remembering facts, who are self-taught musicians and casual scholars. People who ignore homework because it’s boring to them, fail geometry because their teacher makes it boring to them, don’t listen to lectures because they’d rather absorb the information themselves. These people aren’t good students; they’re natural learners. And we’re doing them–and the world– a disservice by treating them like second class citizens.“I spend a lot of time these days talking and writing about how we are asking teachers to redefine what it means to be a teacher,” writes David Warlick in his popular 2¢ worth blog. “But perhaps a significant part of this exercise in redefinition should involve our students– an explicit remolding of perceptions of these youngsters, in order to fully shift the relationship between student and teacher, learner and master learner.”Here’s how he breaks down the difference between learners and students in his own chart:” To read further please click here:


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