Ten things to do with your class now it’s Autumn

By: Mark Anderson

portgen“The change of the season gives you lots of new learning opportunities too, so here are ten things to do with your class now it’s Autumn…

  1. Take your class outside and gather fallen leaves. These make for great border edges on displays and can be coloured with paint. You can use them too to teach lots of science elements such as photosynthesis, leaf structure and more. They can be really useful too for teaching things such as symmetry, repeating patterns and much more.
  2. Other elements of fallen foliage can really help too. I remember as a kid loving collecting conkers but these little bad boys can be used for far more than just smashing at each other on pieces of string. How about using them to help kids count, learn multiplication tables, pickle for learning about embalming or mummification. They aren’t just for planting!” To read further please click here:http://ictevangelist.com/ten-things-to-do-with-your-class-now-its-autumn/

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