TechSmith Acquires Knowmia Teach

By:Tony Dunkel

knowmia“At TechSmith, we’ve always believed the joy of learning is experienced more often when we’re engaged in the process of learning, whether that’s coming up with a dazzling new idea, creating the materials to spread the idea, or collaborating to make the ideas better. It has been a long standing promise from TechSmith to ensure users of our software are always armed with the best methods available for clearly and succinctly communicating with their audiences, whether that’s in the classroom, in the boardroom or on the playing field.

To the Future

Today, TechSmith takes a big step forward with this promise by acquiring key technology from Knowmia, which has some of the best apps and services we’ve seen for educators and learners. Knowmia, Knowmia Teach and Knowmia Teach Pro represent a completely new way to create and assemble interactive video content on both mobile and web-based platforms. By acquiring Knowmia’s technology, TechSmith now offers the ability for teachers, students and business professionals to excel with video-based learning in a very natural manner.

Knowmia Teach makes it easy to import your own visual aids, organize them in easy steps and record your voice, or your face, to bring them to life. You can record illustrations as you draw them and create sophisticated animation sequences with the simple stroke of a finger. These capabilities are enhanced even further with Knowmia Teach Pro, incorporating website recording, video export to popular video sharing destinations, creating high resolution videos and adding both professional backgrounds and music to your video creations.” To read further please click here:

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