Technology in the classroom: myth vs reality

By:Charlie Harrington

techoo“Today, learning materials are shifting from print to digital and textbooks are becoming more dynamic β€” meaning that data about how students learn can be measured and analysed.

Education, by its very nature, produces huge amounts of data and we can use this data to provide teachers with a deeper understanding of precisely what a student knows and what he or she still needs to learn.

Furthermore, these measurements make it possible to provide every student with a constantly updating, personalised textbook, with exactly the exercises and information he or she needs to study in order to master the course material and get ahead. This is exciting because it means students come to class better prepared; fewer students fall behind.

A teacher can see exactly how well her students understood that tough lesson on meiosis at the beginning of the week. She can see that Jane needs extra help understanding cell biology, and can look at what percentage of her students are prepared for a forthcoming exam. A teacher can use this data to tailor class time and help students grasp tough concepts or further challenge an advanced student.” To read further please click here:

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