Teaching tech to the teachers

By: Simon Day

tecchnology“The first rule of Zombie Robots Group at Taupaki Primary School is you don’t talk about Zombie Robots Group.

Principal Stephen Lethbridge puts a star in his window when new robot kits arrive. The students in the group then have to come up with creative ways of getting out of class to come to his office, where they build and programme robots from scratch.

The group is part of the west Auckland school’s investment in teaching computer science.

The children learn to programme computers and build software to solve real-life problems.

“It isn’t really about the technology, it is not about coding,” Lethbridge says.

“It is about a philosophy of learning, and having kids who problem-find and can then problem-solve.”

Many schools are getting pupils to do their schoolwork on digital devices, but precious few are teaching the skills needed to take control of them: computer science and programming.

Teachers and curricula are being exposed as underskilled and unprepared, and schools complain they get little Ministry of Education support to teach programming.

What makes this especially troubling is that the digital technology industry is New Zealand’s fastest-growing sector. In the last six years, exports have doubled to more than $7 billion, making it New Zealand’s third-largest export earner after dairy and tourism.” To read further please click here:http://www.stuff.co.nz/technology/digital-living/65158708/Teaching-tech-to-the-teachers

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