Teachers and trainers: Use eLearning to flip your classroom and take it one step further

By: Kasper Spiro

flipped learn“If you ‘flip your classroom‘ you reverse the lecture and homework elements of a lesson: lecture at home and do homework at school. The idea is that you replace instruction by a video or an e-learning course. This gives the student the opportunity to apply his knowledge under supervision of their teacher. This isthe advantage of the flipped classroom. In this blog I will explain what the flipped classroom is and how you can start flipping your own classroom. But I will also show you how flipping your classroom together with the right use of eLearning tools can increase the retention significantly. You will see that technical skills or a large budget are no longer a requirement to make this happen. Everybody can flip his classroom now. I believe all teachers and trainers who do face-to-face lessons or training should at least consider this option.

Flip your classroom?
The ‘old school’ method is preparing at home (hopefully), the classroom lecture, and an assignment at home.With the flipped classroom you switch the lecture and the homework. Originally the flipped classroom idea was done very simple. You record a video of your lecture and the students watch this at home. This frees up time in your class, so you can spent time on assignments that focus on the higher levels of learning.” To read further please click here:

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