Teach Like You’re Conducting a Symphony: 8 Student Engagement Tips

By:Ryan Thomas

conductors“Although many of us don’t realize it until we step foot into our own classrooms, we quickly learn that facilitating a lively, but controlled classroom environment is truly an art form.We would even go so far as to liken masterful teaching to conducting a symphony. Like a conductor, master teachers know how to orchestrate tension and create anticipation; they understand rhythm and pace, and they know when to drop out and reenter the composition. Below we’ve pulled a few key elements that we believe should be part of every teacher’s conducting repertoire.

  • Create anticipation: If you need a quick lesson in creating anticipation, tune into your local evening news. You’re sure to hear newscasters throw out a teaser like, say, “Up next, we’ll be talking about a popular household cleaning item…what’s in it and why it might kill you.”
    Teasers like this pique our curiosity. So how do you put the anticipation strategy into play? First, make sure that your teaser is related to the subject. Second, always deliver on your teaser. In other words, you can’t say, “Today we’re going to talk about why Lady Gaga is only half as controversial as the 15th Century poet John Wilmot” and never actually talk about it.

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