Take the Terror out of Teaching with Tablets

By:Michael Smit

teachers“A year and a half ago, I became the iPad Man at the international language school where I teach. I imagine myself as some Mega Man character with the ability to shoot lasers with my fingertips. However, the reality is that my school had introduced twice a week iPad classes and our scores were in the dumps. The transition had been difficult as none of the teachers had ever taught with an iPad and many had never even used any sort of tablet. Our first training had to cover things as basic as how to turn the iPad on. Our academic director came to me not because of my superpowers — impressive though they are — but simply because I wasn’t afraid of the new technology.

My responsibility as iPad Man was to hold focus groups with students and perform observations of every teacher’s iPad classes in order to find what was working and what wasn’t. After a summer of working with the staff and students, I came to some conclusions that helped raise our customer satisfaction rating with technology classes from 60% to 85%. In case you are another teacher terrified of tablets, I want to share with you the three things that made the biggest difference.” To read further please click here”:http://www.edudemic.com/take-terror-teaching-tablets/

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