Take advantage of digital exam formats for print-impaired learners

By:Alistair McNaught

alber-how-to-use-data-to-inform-instruction-2“Between 10-13% of people in the UK have a print impairment which means they have difficulty accessing text-based resources, varying from dyslexia through to visual impairments and motor difficulties.

When you put that in a learning context, that’s a whole lot of people who aren’t able to comfortably access educational resources in the traditional way. And until this year, most of that number had a high chance of being under-served in their final exams.

Previously, print-impaired learners tended to be given extra time to complete their papers, but that was about it. To go beyond that was either really expensive, a logistical headache, or both. For example, bringing in a human reader would cost a lot and – because they are noisy – require a separate room for every candidate.” To read further please click here:http://www.jisc.ac.uk/blog/take-advantage-of-digital-exam-formats-for-print-impaired-learners-27-may-2015

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