Start from scratch with coding

By:Nicole Krueger

coding students“Learning how to use technology prepares students to become expert consumers. Learning how to program technology, however, makes them powerful creators.

Coding is no longer just for students who are interested in a programming career.
Just as pen and paper were integral tools for the information age, coding has become one of the basic building blocks of a digital society — not to mention one of the most relevant and widely applicable STEM subjects to learn. Programming skills give students the power to influence and direct their future.

“All of my students learn to persevere, to not be afraid of making a mistake and to enjoy a challenge,” said teacher Deb Smith. “Their sense of accomplishment is priceless.”

Since only one in 10 schools offer computer programming classes, bringing coding into the classroom often means teachers must start from scratch. So we asked educators to offer their best tips for getting started. Here’s what they said:” To read further please click here:

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