Smart Homework: Can We Get Real?


“Opinions run strong

homewoerk2It doesn’t have to be this way. Homework can be one of the most renewing and exciting aspects of teaching middle school, but we have to be smart about its structure, assignment, and assessment.

Homework policies and practices press people’s buttons; opinions run strong. Every year some parents commented that I didn’t give enough homework and others said that I gave too much. Teachers and schools are considered rigorous if they give a lot of homework, almost regardless of the type of homework that is given or the quality of the classroom instruction. Those who teach well but are light on homework are considered weak or not challenging enough.

What’s more, many middle school students pass or fail purely on whether or not they did their homework, not necessarily on whether or not they mastered concepts. With so much riding on homework, a clear examination of its purposes, management, and motivation is warranted.” To read further please click here:

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