Six classroom management tips for new teachers

By: Michael Linsin

disruptive in class“As a new teacher facing their first classroom experience, you will have no doubt been bombarded with information.It’s hard to know what’s important and what can go to the bottom of your priority list. Well here’s the straight scoop: everything takes a back seat to classroom management because if you can’t effectively control your classroom, nothing will work as it should. You must master this one area first otherwise teaching can be especially unforgiving.While there are hundreds of possible strategies at your disposal, a few are absolutely critical. Stick with the following cornerstone principles from the first day of school to the last and you’ll have a successful year of teaching.

The oft-repeated recommendation that you should never smile in the first two months of the school year is hogwash. A smile sends a subtle but powerful message to your class that kindness and politeness are expected. It also calms nervous energy and builds instant rapport and likability. This is critically important because when your students like you and are comfortable around you, they’ll want to please you, listen to you and behave for you. As you meet your class, look them in the eye, say hello and smile.” To read further please click here:

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