Schooling the Terrible Teacher: 10 Things Parents Should Never Do

By:Angela Stockman

teachh“If you’re the parent of school-aged children, you’re probably still well acquainted with 4:00 am. This is when you once fed your hungry babies and nursed them through bouts of whooping cough, ear infections, and tummy aches that shook you out of your dreamless half-sleep. Those were the days when you assumed you’d return to full nights of sleep once your babies grew older and started school, weren’t they? Yeah, me too. Ah, to be young and naive.

While it’s true that the parents of school-aged children may have more hours of uninterrupted sleep available to them, when their kids are unhappy, it goes unused. Those babies eventually go to school, and when they do, they introduce us to a world of new dilemmas: foreign routines, separation anxiety, learning problems, performance issues, and social tension.

Great teachers help children assess their strengths and needs. They help them develop a growth mindset and self-advocacy skills that help them negotiate the scary stuff and thrive. They teach kids how to name what they need, and they work hard to help them get those needs met, even if it means changing their preferred approaches or plans.” To read further please click here:

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