Say Hello to The Netflix Generation

By:James Cross

Netflix“Today’s students are the ‘Netflix Generation’ — they’ve  grown up in a world where video is available instantly, on-demand, and on any device. In fact, college–age students in the 18 – 24 age bracket are the biggest consumers of online video — with each watching an average of 398 online videos per month.

With video now accounting for 43% of all online traffic — (and that predicted to double by 2016) — forward–thinking colleges and universities are looking to explore the rich educational possibilities video can offer.

Students at these institutions are no strangers to video: they increasingly watch it on mobile devices, consume content across multiple screens, and love creating their own videos. Because of this, it’s vital for any instructor incorporating video into their course to fully understand why video can be such an effective tool for teaching the Netflix Generation:”  To read further please click here:

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