Redefining the Web Quest using Augmented Reality

By: Jeff Herb

aurasma“The Web Quest is the tell-tale internet activity that quite likely started many educators with teaching using technology. The internet-based and typically worksheet-accompanying activity has been a staple in classrooms for years. Inherently, the concept is pretty good. You give students some guiding questions and some resources; they then find answers to your questions and learn about both the content and about information acquisition as well. But, with today’s tech and what we know about student learning, the web quest could be so much more.

One area I struggle with web quests is the fact that students are pretty much bound to a computer to complete the activity. They find their relevant sites, fill out their sheet, and call it a day. Where is the critical thinking, the creativity? Look no further than Augmented Reality and an app called Aurasma.

What it does:

Aurasma allows users to use their device’s camera and the Aurasma app to find ‘triggers’ that contain embedded information. For instance, if the stapler on my desk was a trigger image setup in Aurasma, when I point my phone at the stapler it could be set to load another image, link, video, or animation.” To read further please click here:

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