Project Based Learning Connects To Flip Learning… Plus Hundreds of Resources

By:  Michael Gorman

flippbl“Have you ever considered flipping your classroom and engaging students in Project Based Learning at the same time? As I study these learning processes I see possibilities that allow the two to not only coexist, but also complement each other. How might this work? They do share similar emphasis on higher order thinking skills. Another not so obvious way the two can complement each other is based on productivity and time. Let’s take a closer look.

As you might know Project Based Learning (PBL) is a dynamic process that allows students to learn and understand content at Bloom’s highest level while taking an active part in their learning. PBL provides for deep inquiry, which leads to rich and powerful understanding. Through authentic experiences, and a driving question that engages students with content standards, PBL has the ability to be a delivery method for the student centered classroom. In PBL, formative learning activities are scaffolded throughout the project. This allows for productivity between content delivery, facilitation, and student production.  Let’s consider a way to allow for even more student productivity in PBL, which can  exponentially spiral learning,  How can this increased productivity for both teacher and learner take place? A flipped infusion just might  be the answer.”To read further please click here:

presentation will even learn more! First, to ensure you do not… …

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