Preschool Math Games – Two Fun Ways to Learn Your Numbers

By: Singapore Maths Is Fun Blog

Math2“Preschool is the time in a child’s life where some of the most basic concepts of education such as reading, writing and arithmetic are introduced, and the fundamentals for future learning are set out. At this tender young age, it’s better to introduce these concepts with play, stories and games as opposed to straight up teaching, since children learn best through activity. Try some of these preschool math games to get children well on their way to adding and subtracting.

Incorporating Math into Everyday Activities

Instead of merely setting aside a special time for preschool math games, try incorporating math into everyday activities. While children are picking up toys, have them separate the toys into sets based on whatever they prefer: color, size, or function. After the toys have been separated, help them count the number of toys in each pile.To read further please click here:

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