OneNote for Students – Finishing homework faster with OneNote

By: Andrew Robertson

homework33“Often homework and other projects with require students to do their own research and collate information from a variety of sources in order to complete an assignments to their best of their capabilities. With OneNote you can conduct research in a variety of ways – from any device.

Below you will find the interactive OneNote tutorial all about adding content to your notebook from external resources.With OneNote it’s easy to source content from webpages. If you find a useful passage of text, image, diagram, video or quote, you can simply copy and paste it into your notebook, and OneNote will provide a link to the original page.This is incredibly useful for when you need to cite your references and sources.A great way of getting images and diagrams into your notebook is to use the Send to OneNote tool, which allows you to take screen clippings and paste them directly the page or section of your choosing.” To read further please click here:

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