Ofsted: an hour of teaching each day lost to bad behaviour

By:Graeme Paton

disruptive in class“Children are losing up to an hour a day of teaching because of a damaging culture of low-level disruption and disrespect in schools, according to Ofsted.

In the biggest report of its kind, the education watchdog warned that misbehaviour was accepted as part of “everyday life” in the classroom, with two-thirds of teachers admitting it was a major problem.

Inspectors told how chatter, calling out without permission, swinging on chairs, play fighting, throwing paper planes, using mobile phones and quietly humming was “very common” in schools.

Teachers estimated that pupils were losing up to an hour every day – the equivalent of 38 days of teaching each year – because of indiscipline.

The report, which was based on inspections of schools combined with large-scale surveys of teachers and parents, represents Ofsted’s most wide-ranging investigation into the state of behaviour in England’s classrooms.” To read further please click here:

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