Office 365 for cloud based learning; Remove classroom walls with Skype

By: Andrew Robertson

skype“One of the many continued personal development courses we offer for teachers through our Microsoft Educator Network is Teaching with Technology. On our SlideShare account you can find a number of tutorials designed to help those taking the Teaching with Technology course, but really they’ll come in handy to anyone looking to improve their use of technology in an educational setting.Over the next few weeks we’re going to share these tutorials via this blog, two at a time. Many people will be familiar with topics and areas that others aren’t, so instead of reproducing each tutorial in its entirety, we’ll simply include a short synopsis and what you can expert to learn from them, as well as a link to the original SlideShare.

The first two Teaching with Technology tutorials we’re going to look at deal with the use of Office 365, and how Skype can aid in educational collaboration across the world:” To read further please click here:

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