My Three Weeks With Google Classroom

By:David Carruthers

google classroom“Despite some initial shortcomings, Google Classroom has found a permanent home in my learning environment. Google Classroom is the latest addition to Google’s popular apps for education, and like anything new, there’s a learning curve that must be conquered, but persistence usually pays off. The transition to Google Classroom presented some challenges during my first two weeks of use, but as the third week drew to a close, my students and I were beginning to feel that we have turned Google Classroom into a streamlined, time-saving instructional tool. I’ve really begun to appreciate the ease of creating and grading assignments, the instant feedback available to students, and for those of you used to asking your students to remember to “make a copy”, you will appreciate the inclusion of a feature that automatizes this process. However, Google Classroom has some room for growth to truly make a dent in the overcrowded space of educational technology. I’ve been keeping a list, and here’s what I’d like to see Google add in future updates.” To read further please click here:

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