Most Anticipated Back-to-School Technology (2014)

By:Audrey Watters

back to schools“For the fifth year in a row, I’ve asked educators to tell me what technology they’re most looking forward to bringing into the classroom with them this school year. I don’t ask that the technology itself be new. I’m interested, rather, in what’s new in educators’ teaching practices.

Caveat: unscientific. Caveat: survey just goes out to my Twitter followers and blog readers and is completed by those who can be bothered to fill out a short form. Caveat: small sample. Caveat: I calculate and interpret the results.

Back-to-school 2014 has elicited responses that are much more fragmented than I’ve seen in previous years. Even though I’ve always received a wide variety of responses (a reflection of the increasing number of options for educational hardware and software), I have in the past been able to identify a “Top 3.”  But this year, there’s no consensus, no runaway “three most popular” tools.

With two exceptions:” To read further please click here:

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