Microsoft Quick Tip Videos for Teachers

By: Microsoft Education Team

microsoft“Improving collaboration between students. Designing more engaging lessons. Saving time. If you’re an educator, these are likely things you care about. As technology becomes more powerful and increasingly prevalent in classrooms, the potential to improve student learning grows.

To make it easier to harness the power of technology for student learning, we have put together a series of quick tip videos. This series of Quick Tip Videos are 2-minute clips that show teachers how to use a feature in their classroom right after watching the clip so they can immediately integrate an idea into tomorrow’s lesson plan.

These videos are organized based on six core priorities that teachers reporting being the ways they think about how to integrate technology into student learning.

These Quick Tip Videos are short, consumable clips that empower teachers to accomplish a task with free Microsoft tools and technology. Often the challenge with technology as comprehensive as Microsoft’s is some features that can be immensely helpful to educators are buried under the multiple functionalities of the products. These Quick Tip Videospresent product capabilities to teachers, organized and aligned around classroom goals.” To read further please click here:

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