Looking back at Marie Curie’s radical discovery: How the Mother of Modern Physics might have used Google Apps

By: Erzsi Sousa

goog“Consider what Marie Curie accomplished in the face of adversity and with few resources. Despite being refused a place at the French Academy of Sciences and almost denied her first Nobel Prize for being a woman, she continued her work undeterred, securing a second Nobel Prize in Chemistry and developing methods for treating cancer with radiation therapy. To celebrate her, we explore how she might have worked in a different time — by using some of the tools we use today.
The radioactivity in Curie’s lab was so strong that it harmed her health — archivists today still use protective gear to handle her papers. Instead of carrying these radioactive documents, Curie could have kept them in the cloud with Google Drive, allowing for easy access whenever and wherever she needed them, without risking her well-being. Drive’s organization features could also have helped her organize her files and notes in folders, easily distinguishable by color and category.” To read further please click here:  http://googleforeducation.blogspot.com/2015/10/looking-back-at-Marie-Curies-radical-discovery-how-the-Mother-of-Modern-Physics-might-have-used-Google-Apps.html

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