Learning to Blog and Blogging to Learn: One Teacher’s Adventure

By:Patricia Hewitt

blogs2“I love the discussions we have with each other in our blogs! I can talk to people online, in school, and when I am at home.

It is this observation from a Grade Five student of mine several years ago that captures much of the transformation possible for students and teachers when they venture into blogging and the connected digital world. Just as many deep conversations may begin with a simple and familiar greeting, the practice of blogging with students may also start with something similar to what is already known. Though, I have to state, at the outset, my sense of the journey my students and I were about to undertake as bloggers in the 21st century was not at all fully imagined so be prepared for a wonderful adventure!

As I introduced blogging to that first group of Grade Fives, I approached it as an offshoot of what was already established in my writing classroom.” To read further please click here:

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