Keeping The Heart Of An Educator

By: William Parker

bologic remember a story a good friend told me about her first year as an assistant principal.

She worked with a teacher who frequently referred the same boy to the office for misbehavior.Although the boy (I’ll call him Billy) deserved the consequences he received, the teacher was convinced he was impossible to help and really wanted him out of her class.

One day when the teacher had endured an especially rough time with Billy, my assistant principal friend asked if she could take her for a drive during her plan period.

The teacher agreed and before long, they had driven a short way from the school and parked in front of a home that was so neglected, it could have been condemned.

“Why are we here?” the teacher asked.

“Because this is where Billy lives,” said the assistant principal.

They sat in silence for a minute. My friend just let it sink in.

Suddenly, the teacher burst into tears. “I had no idea,” she cried.” To read further please click here:

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