Is this the online learning model of the future?

By: Rony Zarom

online“Fostering student-directed learning and discipline-centered skills—like creating searchable notes, performing real time research, peer-to-peer feedback, social network collaboration and more—are both crucial to increasing student engagement, according to the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching.

Empowering students to make personalized learning choices in the classroom motivates them to take charge of their success early on, and allows educators to tailor learning tracks to keep pace with students who are ahead of the learning curve or have specific challenges that require additional guidance.

Furthermore, online learning options allow Gen C students to manage their learning much like they would a job—honing time management skills to complete high priority work on time, working remotely when needed, connecting in peer discussions to deliver projects, etc.

With numerous institutional and student benefits associated with flex learning, the time is ripe for educators to build online learning options into current programs. So how can educators find the right tools and develop the right strategy to implement flex learning options? Here are three tips to keep in mind to jumpstart your online learning program:” To read further please click here:


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