iPads + project based learning = Limitless possibilities


PBL-660x400“Though more than two years into my school’s implementation of project based learning, yesterday, I found myself excited all over again. I was helping a second grade teacher enhance her landforms PBL by using Padlet as part of the KWL process and suddenly realized that this approach to student-centered learning has truly become a part of who we are as a school.

My adventures in combining PBLs and iPads began with a gift of two carts. I had just started taking the PBLU online courses when the head of our independent pre-k through eighth grade school challenged each grade-level team to teach one unit using the PBL approach while finding authentic ways to draw in iPads. As the lower school technology integration person, I immediately went on a quest to find a guinea pig willing to plan and co-teach a PBL unit incorporating iPads. This is the story of that first experience. . .


Danielle Lei, our fourth grade math and science teacher, didn’t think her students were quite grasping the concepts of balance sheets, negative numbers, and keeping a running balance. After researching options, we decided the BizWorld PBL would be the perfect way to teach students those skills.

“In the BizWorld project, students work in teams to form friendship bracelet companies. They raise capital by pitching to venture capitalists and selling stock and/or by taking out bank loans. The teams travel through the entire entrepreneurial cycle of designing, manufacturing, marketing and selling their bracelets. The project culminates with the Sales Bazaar, at which students sell their wares. Throughout the project, students maintain careful financial records, which help in the end to evaluate each company’s value.” – source: BizWorld Creator, Kara Brown

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