iPads and Teachers: Why Technology-assisted Learning Will Never, on Its Own, Solve Our Education Crisis

By: Peg Tyre

teac123“At the Carpe Diem-Meridian School in Indianapolis, row after row of students are wearing headphones and staring into computer screens. Although they look like employees at a call center, they are actually fifteen-year-olds tackling algebra concepts. Their lessons were delivered earlier in the day by a software program offered by Edgenuity and reinforced by an instructor. Now the students are working through problems on their monitors, to show they have mastered it. Their results will be quickly fed back to their instructors, who will use it to shape the next day’s instruction.

Two students finish quickly and check the overhead monitor for their next task. Others are sweating through sophisticated problems. A few, who are struggling with the material, are working on problems that a software algorithm has determined are simpler but will help build the foundational skills they need. And, as in any classroom, some students are using ancient technology that has become less central at Carpe Diem schools — a notepad and a pen — to make abstract doodles.” To read further please click here:  https://larrycuban.wordpress.com/2015/04/16/ipads-and-teachers-why-technology-assisted-learning-will-never-on-its-own-solve-our-education-crisis-peg-tyre/

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