iPad Mania: 20 ideas for sparking interest in class with iPads

By: Matt Miller

ipad mini“When Steve Jobs introduced the world to the iPad, it was a marvel that had the potential to make big change.

It was visually stunning. It was tactile. It shortened some work from minutes to seconds.

The iPad’s possibilities in education were seen quickly and have developed over time.

It’s easy to say that tech is just a tool, but if we don’t seek how we can leverage its potential, we’re shortchanging our students.

In our weekly half-hour #DitchBook chat (10 p.m. Eastern, 9 p.m. Central, 8 p.m. Mountain, 7 p.m. Pacific), we recently discussed how we can “Ditch That Textbook” with the iPad.

A Storify summary of all the tweets is available here, but here are 20 ideas that stuck out to me most:” To read further please click here:


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