Ideas for Student Blogging

By:  Ben Rimes

blog7“I’m sitting in a session at the MI Google Summit¹ and I’m listening to Jessica Winstanley melt my heart with adorable images of elementary students working through the mechanics of blogging with markers, sticky notes and reflective thought. Her session was focused on getting students (and teachers) to start blogging, and provided a host of reason why you might want to start blogging in the classroom. It instantly took me back to my post a few weeks ago about how educators should approach the blogging process; give me the “why” first, and then figure out the mechanics of “how”.

Jessica did a wonderful job, barely touching upon the tools for blogging, and instead focused on the why. So I thought I’d share her compelling examples for why you should get your students blogging, a full baker’s dozen! Alright, so there are 14 ideas here, but 13 made for a better title, poetically speaking :)

Jessica Winstanley’s Ideas for Student Blogging

  • Share class news with parents.
  • Provide a list of homework or useful links.
  • Link to online photo albums to share pictures with the classroom community.
  • Discussion forum with parents/students on material discussed in class.
  • Use as a medium for students to share their writing.”

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