How You Can Encourage Teamwork in Any Elementary Classroom

By: Erin Klein
happy-classroom“I’ve used ClassDojo for a number of years in a number of ways.  What I love about ClassDojo is they’re always evolving.  This is a company that truly listens to their users and builds what they need.
You may be familiar with the ClassDojo idea of awarding or deducting points for children based on a child’s behavior.  If this is how you know ClassDojo, I highly encourage you to stay tuned over the next few weeks as you will notice the platform evolve into a tool that better aligns with an engaging, student-centric classroom environment.In our second grade classroom, we work hard to model behavior that is indicative of a respectful and responsible learner who has integrity.  These are our school’s core values.  ClassDojo has made it easy to create awareness within our classroom for students to understand what these concepts “look like” when being practiced.  For example, because we have always used ClassDojo as a whole class or small group model, when we notice a friend being respectful, we share it when appropriate.  This way, we can all begin to see these behaviors in action.  Plus, it fills our bucket when our efforts are noticed by others.  We don’t need a gold star or a cookie – that’s not what I’m saying.  But, let’s face it… when someone thanks us for doing something or acknow ledges we’ve made an effort, it feels good to be appreciated.  It’s about creating an environment where positive behaviors are valued, noticed, and appreciated. ” To read further please click here:

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