How We Introduced Coding to Kids using Tynker Puzzles

By:Vicki Davis

coding3Tynker is an excellent way to teach children in elementary school the basics of programming or coding cool games. This tool can be used to teach children from grades K to 5 but some at higher levels can enjoy it too. The games on theTynker page are ranked from beginner to intermediate to show the difficulty of coding or programming involved.We used Tynker to help teach for the Hour of CodeTM. We showed the children a video, and told them how Tynker works. We then let the children loose and let them start one of the games in Tynker. The children understood how to program or code when we used the educational games, like Puppy Adventure (Mini) or Lost in Space, that simply showed them the basics of coding. We took the children through step by step helping and congratulating them along the way as they made their progress through the educational games.” To read further please click here:

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