How to Teach Student Organization

By: Julie Pettersen

small-child-going-to-school“We all have those students. It’s dismissal time and they are lined up for the bus.  In a moment of panic, a little darling hands you a note that they are supposed to be picked up today. The note is crumpled, ripped and partially wet.  Ummm….thanks. This is the same student that can’t find their homework, they have no idea where that signed permission slip went, and their cubbie could rival a college dorm room
Before I had kids I swore I was not going to raise an insufficient human being on this planet. And then….I had kids.
Rather than remind Tyler 75,000 times to make his bed I just did it for him.  I had to get to work on time so it was easier to put his homework in his backpack for him. Who the heck has time to watch a 9 year old stand with the cabinet wide open for 10 minutes staring at the cereal boxes as if the decision he is about to make is as important as world peace? ” To read further please click here:

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