How to Engage Your Students in Writing

By:Robert Morris

google kid“Your students can think of hundreds of reasons to avoid writing a paper you assign. It seems impossible for you to explain why academic writing skills are important for their future in any profession. However, you also need to make an attempt to understand them. How many times have you faced a writer’s block when you tried to write an extraordinary academic piece or unique coursework material? Instead of forcing your students to get inspired and start writing focused content, you should find a way to inspire them and make the entire process more interesting for them. The following tools will help you achieve that!

1. Oflow

This is one of the best apps designed to help writers get unstuck and come up with fresh ideas. Your students can access over 150 cool writing prompts, as well as tips that will inspire them to take a creative approach.
The app features a simple design that won’t get the students more confused than they already are. Oflow Creativity App can also be used for setting daily creativity reminders, bookmarking the best ideas and keeping notes. It is also a great tool to use for team projects, since it enables the users to share ideas by email, Facebook and Twitter.” To read further please click here:

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