How to Create Your Own Ebook Using Google Slides

By: James Scherer

google slides“Step 1: Decide on a Topic

You want to create something your prospective clients want to read. The best way to do this (I’ve found) is to create something your current clients want to read. After all, they’ve got to be pretty similar, and one of those groups you already have the contact details of.

Send an email, something like:

“Hey [First Name], James Scherer here from Wishpond. I’m just reaching out because I’ve been thinking about creating an ebook, and I’m wondering if there’s a subject you’ve been dying to learn more about?

Feel free to choose from these five options, or reply to this email with your topic.”

In order to add a poll to your Mailchimp mailout simply put your ebook subject ideas within the survey merge tags, which look like *|SURVEY: [your subject idea]|*.

Alternatively, place a poll on your blog or most trafficked page. In order to do this with WordPress, check out several poll plugins, or if you use Blogger, here’s a simple how-to guide.

Step 2: Write Blog Articles

This might sound a bit counter-intuitive. Why would I write blog articles when I want to write an ebook?Silly reader, don’t you know an ebook is just a massive, somewhat visual blog article?To be more specific, an ebook is a comprehensive look at a subject. The reason it’s valuable is because it’s downloadable, complete and easily referred-to.” To read further please click here:

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